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We at Asnan Dental Center are always fully focused on changing lives, One Smile At A Time! with great commitment and easy recovery.

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    Best dental

    From dental Specialist & Consultants – whom are the best in there field – you will also find yourself with highly trained and professional assistants – hygienists that will be taking very good care of all your needs and logistics

    Painless procedures

    Painless & entertaining visits. Cozy rooms, descent scents, relaxing atmosphere, open views specially at day, calming & Familiar music, watching TV. Most important be sure you will have distracted by your dentists.

    First Appointment/ Examination

    Listen More Talk Less, this is what you will find in your appointment. All your thoughts will be taken inconsideration and surprisingly you will find that amusing. (charming)

    Sedation and General

    The One Day Treatment. Will always find an alternative way to overcome all your fears.  We do offer hospitalization under sedation or full sleep procedures in a very safe and very clean environment.

    Let us brighten your smile!

    About Us

    Asnan is a world-class dental center, Internationally accredited and established with the finest dentists in all specialties. Offering a wide range of best services, highly equipped dental sterilization room and following best hygiene practices. We are proud to be one of the most popular destination for dental tourism in Egypt. Most of our patients come from numerous countries across the world, including USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Ukraine and many more. We offer you the best dental care for the most reasonable prices over the shortest possible time intervals.

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    Let us brighten your smile!



    VENEERS & Aesthetic Crowns

    Very Thin like shell that is added on the facial part of the tooth giving you new shape, color harmony. style and a forever white smile without hassle.

    Line them all up

    BRACES & Invisible Aligners

    It’s an efficient tool that makes life easier for the customer. It can restore: TMJ disorders., Teeth position, Bite problems, Complex cases and many more.



    Teeth cleaning is a procedure that is done routinely commonly every 6 months were the dentist removes all calculus and plaque that accumulates around the teeth.



    We clone the patient using videos, photos, scans and 3D scans that then aid us in creating a new smile design that can then be transformed into the treatment plan.

    Beautify your smile


    There are few situations that we face in day to day practice and the laser made it much easier now for the patient and the dentist.

    The best solution


    It is restoring a tooth affected by; cavity decay, worn, fractured, color and even closing spaces. Nowadays composite is becoming very natural in look and texture.

    If you lost yours


    It makes you regain Confidence, function, aesthetics bone and joint health. We plan for the new smile to guarantee the best position of implant and best time for it.

    Beautify your smile


    It’s the safest most popular dental service. Teeth Whitening removes stains and discoloration then lighten up your smile. 2-3 session in 45 minutes using LED light.

    Painless fixes

    Kids Dentistry

    Children’s primary teeth will anyways fall off why to take care? Simply the permanent upcoming teeth will never be healthy and in right position if you did not take care of your child’s primary teeth.

    Painless fixes


    All root canal treatment are done under multiple magnifications for enhancing the quality and longevity of the treatment, Time Saving, Safe X-Ray & Laser Dentistry.


    Geriatric Dentistry (Aging)

    Dental conditions associated with aging include dry mouth (xerostomia), root and coronal caries, and periodontitis

    Beautify your smile

    Mercury/Metal/Amalgam Removal

    Amalgam filling or also called Mercury fillings are not to be widely used since more than 10 years. So apparently if you still have one inside your tooth probably it will be a very old filling.

    Dental Tourism

    We Offer accommodation arrangements, life time warranty with the most reasonable cost and no hidden fees.

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    A good word means a lot

    Patient Testimonials

    It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of ours

    I had a whitening treatment and the results are just amazing! I cant stop looking in the mirror. Because of the great reviews I’ve read about this clinic, I decided to go there. The center is very clean, the doctor & staff are real professionals. I’ve got a great explanation on everything They did. I will definitely go back to have other treatments done!

    Abigail Curry


    The dentist is a young, patient professional who’s excellent at his job. This was the first dental clinic to come up in my search results. I didn’t know anything about the practice, but I liked them after my first visit so I started treatment there. Compared to some other clinics, the service and treatment was really worth the money. The clinic is quite clean, and Dr. Bakeer is a young and patient professional who is  excellent at his job.

    Kimberly Hoogendoorn


    I have never seen such a high standard of professionalism and customer service. Nothing but good things to say. I came across this clinic by chance. I have been going to this clinic for the past year and every visit has been a pleasant experience. Also, Dr. Kareem was very thorough, clear with prices and always gave me his opinion and advice (prices are amazing compared to the UK!

    Audrey C,


    Three months ago I booked a teeth whitening appointment at Asnan Dental Centre. I was very impressed with the reviews I read, and managed to easily book a session online. This clinic showed up in my Google search results after I typed in ‘good dentists in Egypt’, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Not only did I get good value for my money, but I also got a nice little surprise when I found out Dr. Bakeer and I were old school friends! I’m thrilled with the results.

    Mona Faissal,


    I did several treatments over the past 4 years. I did root canal, filling, crowns & extractions. I can really admit and say that it was a great experience at Asnan dental center. All treatments were successfully accomplished with high technicalities and professionalism. I strongly recommend Asnan dental center to be your number 1 option.

    Khaled Shehata,



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