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I had a whitening treatment and the results are just amazing! I cant stop looking in the mirror. Because of the great reviews I’ve read about this clinic, I decided to go there. The center is very clean, the doctor & staff are real professionals. I’ve got a great explanation on everything They did. I will definitely go back to have other treatments done!

Abigail Curry


The dentist is a young, patient professional who’s excellent at his job. This was the first dental clinic to come up in my search results. I didn’t know anything about the practice, but I liked them after my first visit so I started treatment there. Compared to some other clinics, the service and treatment was really worth the money. The clinic is quite clean, and Dr. Bakeer is a young and patient professional who is  excellent at his job.

Kimberly Hoogendoorn


I have never seen such a high standard of professionalism and customer service. Nothing but good things to say. I came across this clinic by chance. I have been going to this clinic for the past year and every visit has been a pleasant experience. Also, Dr. Kareem was very thorough, clear with prices and always gave me his opinion and advice (prices are amazing compared to the UK!

Audrey C,


Three months ago I booked a teeth whitening appointment at Asnan Dental Centre. I was very impressed with the reviews I read, and managed to easily book a session online. This clinic showed up in my Google search results after I typed in ‘good dentists in Egypt’, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Not only did I get good value for my money, but I also got a nice little surprise when I found out Dr. Bakeer and I were old school friends! I’m thrilled with the results.

Mona Faissal,


I did several treatments over the past 4 years. I did root canal, filling, crowns & extractions. I can really admit and say that it was a great experience at Asnan dental center. All treatments were successfully accomplished with high technicalities and professionalism. I strongly recommend Asnan dental center to be your number 1 option.

Khaled Shehata,

They made their health better

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He is a great artist, not just a dentist!

I’ve been to several clinics in three countries, but this is the best of the best. Prior to this, I was told I needed two more fillings. He said, no, those are fine. They just look old. He expected I feel pain later. I didn’t feel any pain & didn’t use pain-killers. After one day I’ll make an appointment for a crown.

Julia Mcnamara, US

The clinic was excellent

I did the treatment in the surgery, and also received some aftercare products to take home with me, all for a cheaper price than I would have paid anywhere in the UK. There was only one issue: I was under the impression he’d post my retainer to me, but I had to return to the clinic to fetch it. This wasn’t the end of the world, though. I still got excellent value for money.

Anonymous, UK

The staff are helpful and friendly

It was my third time returning to this clinic. I just needed one appointment for the fillings and they finished everything on the same day – there were no follow-ups or hassles afterwards. The staff are always helpful and friendly. Even though the clinic is not exactly around the corner, I don’t mind travelling a bit to get amazing service.

Samer, Egypt

I felt no pain, the treatments were done very professionally and with high hygienic standards

Over the course of this year, Dr. Bakeer treated 3 cavities and removed a wisdom tooth (last night actually). I am very happy with the treatment received. Dr. Bakeer explained thoroughly what was going to happen, he listens very active and was very friendly. I felt no pain and the treatment were done very professionally and with high hygienic standards.

Firman Cardi, US

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