Deep Cleaning & Gum Treatment

Routine Scaling

Teeth cleaning is a procedure that is done routinely commonly every 6 months where the dentist removes all calculus and plaque that accumulates around the teeth.

Deep Cleaning

Some people skip months and years without visiting the dentist to undergo the regular cleaning in this case the  calculus stones accumulates more under the gums and perform curettage and root planning. This procedure can take up to 2 visits

Gummy Smile

More or less it is very close to crown lengthening. Removing excess gums affecting one or more teeth

Soft Tissue grafting

It is very common to have a recession in gums of one or more teeth leaving its root exposed making it painful and sensitive to hot or cold stimuli. In that case we add more tissue to the affected site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful?

The procedure is completely painless during surgery and after surgery, almost no pain and id there then over the counter painkiller are more than enough.

Do I get swollen?

No, it’s a minor surgery and no need to take days off from work.

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