Dental Implants

Dental Implants

It is never “Just an implant”

General Anesthesia

We realize that not every single patient can be comfortable with the idea of putting an implant inside the bone. Because of this we do our part to make the whole procedure as easy as possible using general anesthesia in very clean and highly sterilized hospital surgical rooms in just couple of hours then you are free to walk.



Piezotome® Solo, the best of ACTEON® technology in a compact device.

It integrates the most powerful, reliable and safe components dedicated to

ultrasonic pre-implant surgery.

Implants makes you regain Confidence, function, aesthetics bone and joint health.

We plan for the new smile and the whole sequence to guarantee the best position of the dental implant and best time for it.

We plan it digitally; using 3D Scans, 3D models and 3D stents that are custom fabricated to your own case.

Sinus Lift

After extraction bone loss occurs; this is a normal physiological action.

In some cases, sinus lifting is required to get more bone height to fix missing tooth by dental implant. This procedure is guided by 3D CBCT x-ray.

Faster Healing

Using of patient own blood plasma as a membrane covering the implant can achieve incredible healing acceleration after surgery.


In some cases we can now restore full arch of 10-14 teeth on just 4 implants.

Advantage of this is less time consuming and eventually cheaper in cost.

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