Kids Dentistry


My child first visit?

It will be a fast relaxing visit. Your child will get to know his/her dentist and build a good first impression. Examination, hygiene instructions and maybe cleaning can be done.

Children’s primary teeth will anyways fall why to take care?

Simply the permanent upcoming teeth will never be healthy and in right position if you did not take care of your child’s primary teeth.

Do I need to prepare my child for a dental visit?

Yes, we do need from you to speak with your child with motivational words to prepare for the dental visit. Awarding the child after good attitude is always great as well.

Should I clean my baby’s first tooth?

Yes, you can start brushing your baby’s first tooth once you see it fully erupted. In a very simple way you can use piece of gauze or get a finger baby tooth brush from a pharmacy without adding tooth paste.

How can I protect my child from cavities?

  • Routine day to day teeth brushing even in a very young age. A child feels safe when doing routine steps every day.
  • Maintain healthy diet and never enters the bed without brushing.
  • Routine dental checkups every 6 months.
  • Your dentist can apply on heathy sound tooth something called dental sealants. It is a paste that is applied on tooth grooves to protect teeth from food accumulations.

Children and Sports

It is very easy to get for your child a mouth guard to save the teeth from being knocked out.

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