Mercury/Metal/Amalgam Removal

Metal Mercury Filling (Amalgam)

When and How to remove?

Amalgam fillings or also called Mercury fillings are not been widely used for more than 10 years. So apparently if you still have one inside your tooth probably it will be a very old filling.

What is the problem with Mercury fillings?

Mercury fillings were used in the past because White tooth-colored fillings (composite) were not hard enough at that time. But now and for more than 10 years Composite fillings are tough and withstand the bite forces almost like natural teeth.

When to remove Mercury fillings?

  • If too old filling.
  • Unpleasant metal display.
  • Cracks or fracture
  • Irregular filling-tooth margin.
  • Pain on cold or hot or during biting.
  • Gums Tattooing or gums discoloration
  • Experiencing any mercury poison symptoms.

How to remove amalgam or mercury fillings?

Mercury filling are harmful specially while being removed, due to physical friction between dentist’s tools and the metal causing heat and initiates harmful mercury gas release.

Although dentist rarely can see Mercury poisoning cases but it may happen. That’s why removing mercury filling need to be done with very experienced dentists.

Mercury Filling Safely Removed by following this protocol

  • Face & Eye protection
  • Oxygen Supply. (optional)
  • Tooth Isolation by rubber dam before working.
  • Intra-Oral high suction unit
  • Gas Suction with air-filtering unit.
  • Special Personal Protective Equipment for dentist and hygienist.

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